All my Rhino 8 settings have reseted to Default after latest Update



No custom display views.

All changes to default display views are gone.

Control Points on curves is back.

Horrible blue color on name view title is back.

Horrible gray background is back.

Can’t pan with scroll wheel in perspective mode anymore.

Luckily I have an old back up settings file, just tell me where to put it please.


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FYI, no problem here. On my system the custom display modes are still present after installing the latest RC. Can’t find anything where stuff got reset to default.

Here neither. I have never had my custom settings reset. I made the backup scripts while I was working with toolbars because in earlier versions like 8.4 some bugs would make you loose your toolbar customizations. But it also records all your other settings as well.

Earlier this week I helped a client duplicate their workspace 3 times after having set it up on one computer and then simply copying the whole settings folder over to the other machines. It works very well.

Thank you for the address!

First time for me too. Not sure what happened…

Seems like every update comes with its fair share of surprises.

I don’t know about that, not ideal to have to be copying files around folders to be honest.
Also, sometimes you just want to copy over interface color settings and not say, mouse settings. But currently all is mashed up in settings file.

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People have been asking for a “one-button” settings transfer from one machine to another for as long as I can remember. This is as close as we have come. If you don’t have an external .rui, this also copies all of your toolbar mods etc., so it really is a one-shot “transfer everything” operation.

For this there is still OptionsExport/OptionsImport.