Anyone created search database of commands with key words?

V5, V7
It occurs to me that whilst adding in various scripts, they being .rvb .py .rhp .txt and seeing the command line names that run them, or button if I decide to button a particular command, to have to try and remember these names , as well as other existing commands, as to what they are for, so as to pick the command to run for a certain task, means I need Spocks brain as the task isnt always the word as part of the command name.

example TweenCurves

before knowing the command I am trying words such as between and then array between, when wanting an even array of curves between two I pick. and nothing occurs in the hints list.

If I had a database, excel perhaps,
1st column plugin folder name, (for plugins and scripts such as .rhp or .rvb or .py)
2nd column name of file e.g. ObjectNotes.rhp
3rd name of existing command shipped with Rhino.
4th and subsequent columns key words.

For an existing shipped with Rhino command just dont fill in col1 and 2, col 3 would be TweenCurves, 4 would be between, 5 array, 6 evenly, 7 spaced, 8 curves

I could click top left on the excel sheet and search on ‘between’ and it would show the command and I can then type that into the command line.
However Excel doesnt do and function also or function
between and curves doesnt work.

Maybe Rhino provides this facility within the prog ?

Maybe someone has done this already in excel or access or a better prog ?



I think your chances of finding something like this are less than zero. If you really feel this is necessary you will have to make it yourself. We have about 180 Rhino users across 3 countries and in my 20+ years with Rhino I’ve never had a request for anything like this, nor have I found the need.

But having said all that, one thing that I have done is create a .chm help file for all my custom commands (over 300). I use HelpNDoc. New users are required to review this help file as part of their Rhino training. Maybe you could do something like that for the commands you need for your projects? HelpNDoc is ridiculously easy to use.

Hi Dan,
they all must be Spock, able to remember what they wish to do and know the command for it, without a crib sheet.

I recall taking hours trying to find out what was needed to place a set of curves between two in a equal stepped progression , or even a logarithmic one.

never did I think to use Tween, who would, but a search function on keywords would have found it with between, curves, spaced, array etc.

Has no one ever failed to find a command ?

How does one start to find that command, where does one look ?

They all know where to look, but where ?

I am amazed all can manage such, especially beginners.

Each must make their own database up.

Perhaps we can have a community database where commands can be listed with keywords here somewhere.

A combined help source for those that struggled then wish to avoid otjers doing so.

Is there a list of all commands and what they do, then place it into a word doc and search on that ?

Else create something from scratch, using the suggested prog, but time is not on my side. taken me 3 weeks battling with V7 to get to a point I can back up and declare it functional. 3 months lie ahead installing 140 progs onto win10, (hate Msoft)


Hi Steve -

Rhinoceros Help


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Hi Steve,

As Wim pointed out, the help file is the “go to” when there are questions. No one here has made any databases to remember commands. I have a list of aliases, and some users use a highlighter and highlight the most common ones, but after using them a few times they are committed to memory. Not sure what else to say about this. If you feel you need a database with all the commands and an explanation of what they do, I’m afraid that’s going to have to be your project.