Rhino 5 Command List 11x17 Fnt/Back Quicksheet To Laminate

So, here’s the beginning of my endeavors. I made a list of Rhino commands that prints out on 2 11x17’s, which you can print out, put back to back, laminate, and have a quick reference if you need a quick look at commands.

If I am missing one, whoops. (there’s always rhino 6!) There may be 1 maybe two more than listed in stock Rhino 5.
There wasn’t a list to directly copy/paste without formatting issues, so it may have taken a few thousands clicks and five thousand or so key presses.(Sure a lot easier with Ditto, programmable keys, hotkeys, and macro hotkeys)

I will be making separate ones for hotwords such as join, extrude, etc…which will pretty much have what happens when you type join in the command line, with possibly a few more connections.

I will also be going by group.

I will also be categorizing the list of macros most likely. Most of these will be multiple pages, though. This was designed to have a 1 nice laminated big sheet that’s pretty easy to navigate, and and quick estimate where ex is vs. ec

I have also attached a notepad document with the command list which you may easily copy and paste if you so choose much easier than I did making it.

Hope it it’ll help out.

BTW, clear contact paper and or clear contact shelf liners can be used to laminate a little cheaper than stores will charge.
Thicker stock will be a little less transparent.

rhino5commandlist1-832.txt (14.8 KB)


It would be better adding descriptions like help menu does. A lot of work though… :smile:

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Yep. There is a lot to consider for every command. Organizing each and every little option, hierarchy of order you choose an option, command base function, secondary functions, recommended preparation for a certain criteria of result, whether the command is affected by external settings/factors/commands/display settings/viewport, similar command function group, list of questions to ask yourself before using command, baseline/basepoint/references,aliases-macros, alias’s macro primary command, aliase macro’s secondary commands, alias macros primary function, alias macros secondary function, commands that can give same result, etc…problem categories or result, all reasons a command will fail to produce any result,…

just to name a few.

Picture files of examples of various basepoint selctions, target selections, with their options such as roadlike, roadtop etc,…

There’s a few things other than a name you might wanna know! There are also many ways to group, sub-group, sub-group subgroup, categorize, organize, each of these facets.

But each can lead to new ways of understanding.

Even as I go along each command, and figure out the minimum characters you would have to type in command line to autofill, you learn to do it faster. You start to remember which command is a longer version, such as typing in applyc.

Before studying command list, and min characters to autofill you might forget when entering applyc then looking for autofill about these other 3 that will ring up. But with studying them quick, you train your autofill mind to account for these things, and will learn to type applycr and it works out much faster cause when you look up, that’s pretty much the only one left. Even optimizing your brain for autofill can help with a quick cheat sheet, vs 5 different pages.

Eventually, if all these things get categorized out enough times, you look at a command, and in a instant can recall every option and suboption. Its really a sparker sheet for different purposes including looking for solutions to commands, to studying how to categorize each one, to any use you can think of. So, it may appear as just a list. But its more of a stem. Even learning command by their command name such as blendcrv instead of blending 2 curves optimizes your brain a little for autofill speed. But studying each command name for blendc takes a step faster. Even to use blendc, your brain is calculating the questions:Is there any other commands that start with blend, have c, and are longer than blendc? What other kinds of commands start with blend? What other category blend commands secondary part of the command name starts with c? Your brains doin it already, you just don’t hear these thoughts too loudly! Just as with glassworking, there;s a million intense physics equations running in ones head by training your brain. Once you learn all these questions, you just do. Simply put, you’ll jo do, not think, but technically think a million miles an hour.
17. ApplyCurvePiping
18. ApplyCustomMapping
19. ApplyCylindricalMapping

Also, if someone already had a 2000,3000 page book with all this information, and quickie picture base point experiments, cross categorized in every way, I wouldn’t feel the need to! I’d just look at the ultimatum command section, or go by methods of achieving a equilateral pyramid without a point, which there would be just a few ways to model!

  1. From figuring out every vertex point location, then adding lines/line through ppoints-to surfaces,etc…
  2. To extruding a equilateral triangle to a point which happens to be the end of a equalateral triangular prism, and using a cutting plane.
  3. To extuding with a taper to a point, and a calculated draft angle and distance
  4. To …
    I like my knives sharp, but I use em pretty dull. You cant expect to think like a sharp knife all the time, and when your dull, you might want a paid employee to tell you what to do. But when these paid employees sleep, and you don’t, your still gonna run into problems. Plus, who’s gonna train that employee? How you gonna train em to take over your job and pay you without knowing everything to teach them to be better than you? Your gonna have to learn better than them, and teach better than any single resource, or every available unorganized resource is capable of. Not to say any of my rhino resources are unorganized, but they don’t all come together into the ultimate and spoon feed me yet.


Intent of quick list.
2 pages on 1 card are much faster to look at 832 things than 6 pages.
Anytime multiple pages 3 or over are involved they take longer to find something than 1-2
You can look at some letters such as command starting with b in it’s entity without moving your head, hardly moving your eyes, not moving your hands, not moving your arm, or having to put your cigarette down!

I’m not showboating or thinking I’m better than anyone, or expecting credit for my work which is jack compared to the development of 1 of these commands or rhino interface. I’m just spreading the joy of learning, and acceleration. Anyone can take others work and organize it, and I am well, not wired liked most people. To me learning Rhino is difficult. Each time a command does not perform as you thought it would is a problem to solve. If you never document or organize these things, you will be stuck in a continual loop. If you study, document, and categorize these shortcomings, when it happens again you’ll smile because you know exactly what happened, and already fixed it before someone like myself even figures out why it didn’t work. And if you still don’t remember, you look it by command problem, command problem type, specific suboption command problem type, etc…Otherwise, you gotta remember 30,000 things relating to rhino commands at all times. Which is eventually possible over the years. Since I intend to use rhino, or its plugins for my entire life. This documentation and reference is a start. The goal is turbospeed. Nothing is fun slow. But to turbospeed your vehicle, you gotta know everything about cars, maintaining cars, keep up with turbo innovations, afford the gas, avoid the cops, keep insurance rates down, stay outta jail, and not lose your car in a pink slip race.

I would like a turbo brain, and to create a design in 2-3 hours instead 2-3 months. So 2-3 months studying how to do something in 2-3 hours will pay off I would hope. But of course rhino, your application, your technical expertise, your intent, your purpose, all have different paths. Everyone that’s uses rhino, uses it for different reasons, but share common things they must learn in order to achieve their goals. If there were a more precise way of making precision objects by hand, I’d probably be doing it that way though. But, my handwriting is so sloppy I can hardly read it. That’s why my notes need to be entered digitally to understand and read. It’s a lot faster to read computer generated notes than sloppy handwritten. Those with studious notes, may not need to create quizzes on the computer. Their handwritten quizzes will do since they can read them just fine. Anywho, I just blab because I enjoy expressing my thoughts. I am the same way in person though. Passionate about many things, and don’t get me talking about something I enjoy unless you feel like figuring out a way to get out of it, which I will eventually interpret as such and let you be on your merry way no harm no foul, and I know you’d like to respectfully tell me to not be so enthuased and trying to tell me so much about what seems so seemingly not so much.
My goal: To make people happy, and as many as possible, while earning a good wage. There’s a lot of work I need to do to achieve such things, and extend such surprise discounts and freebies and live this rich life. A lot of prep. But momentum happens quick, and before you know it, your 30 times as productive as when you started. That’s when things get fun. Now to excel in everything you do, even more fun. So, I’m preppin for a long…time, for the turbo days, turbo cars, turbo-bossin, auto-flossin with a little line of frosting by the coffee pot. (I really did that this morning. Took the frosting off the cinnamon roll, slapped it on the counter, and came back for another cup, and frosting line every 20 minutes. Partly the logic behind thinslicevolta. I always need a slice, why not make them small, after all getting more for your slice is the best method with everything considered. Taking all thick slices isn’t in your best interest with all considerations such as weight gain being considered into your decision. I’m done, that’s it, last time editing my post. I don’t promise cause its too heart breaking to myself to do so, ever. But, it think its the last. If you were here to tell me to shut up, I might have though.

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Thank you @thinslicevolta. As @ARCHHOLIC told, adding small descriptions for each command will be awesome :slight_smile: Thanks for the time you spend.