Any way to lock mouse in model space?

I’m trying to make a Curve: Interp Pts… a large one, but I want to be able to make it without having to zoom in and out in this one special case- ideally, I would like the mouse to sort of be locked into model space and would like the screen to scroll as I add additional points…

Any thoughts?

Hi Zeeko - Shift-Right-Click and Drag will pan the views - as long as you leave the scroll wheel alone you should not zoom - is that what you mean?


Hey @pascal !

I’m actually looking for something similar to the auto-scrolling in Adobe Illustrator- Let’s say I start an interp crv with one point, but I want to place my second point at a location that’s ‘above’ the visible viewport. Instead of panning, I would like to just move my mouse to the edge of the viewport and have the viewport scroll by itself- even better would be a way to lock my mouse inside the viewport so that if I get to the ‘end’ of the visible viewport, the window begins scrolling. This has to do with a project I’m working on- can’t really discuss here though :slight_smile:

Hi Zeeko - it is not automatic but you can left and right arrow as you get close to the edge of the viewport to scroll the view. Does that help?


Definitely appreciate the feedback, but I’m kind of looking for a 1-hand solution- using the arrow keys actually changes the mouse position.

Maybe I don’t understand the goal yet - - If I place my mouse in the viewport, start InterpCrv and click, then left arrow, the view pans over and I can click again, repeat, and I get a straight interpCrv that is longer than what I can see in the view. Not it, eh?


I can also right-mouse click and hold to Pan or Rotate a view.