Any way to have hatch generated across any object that I trim across?

wishing to show a sectioned view in 3D and trim a solid with a surface, rather than trim through the solid then create a hatch on the trimmed face, can one have a hatch generated across such sectioned surfaces ?


Hi Steve - Clipping plane will help for this. It does not show a hatch but it should show solid fill if clipping a solid.

SectionTools might be useful as well.


Hi, ClippingPlane would appear to just vanishitems, whilst I am cutting through.

I am trying for the SectionTools install, it creates hatches across sectioned items as I need :slight_smile:
should I have any instances of Rhino running when double clicking the file and installing it, it doesnt say either way.

Also I launch Pc and dont bother with passwords, I am set up as administrator. I am the sole user.

It asks install for just me or any user of this PC,

which one to choose ?

Is it rock stable or any chance of upsetting rhino, as just now I dare not have any gremlins.