Best way to create 'stepped' topography in Rhino


I am fairly new to Rhino and I want to edit my topography (which is basically a surface imported from Sketchup) to match the site’s characteristics as shown on the image attached.

I have traced the roads and the contours as seen from the satellite view on google maps and projected them onto the surface but am not sure what to do next in order to create the ‘steps’ of the site (again as shown on the image)

I have also created contours from the surface in case there is a more effective / efficient way of achieving this effect using those.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


its not fully clear on the picture and your description what you have done so far. usually you use the command Contour on the part of the elevated mesh you need. when it asks to choose a contour plane base point you make a line along your z axis over this object then you choose a distance between the steps and it will create the stepped elevated outlines. to make them solid you can just select all at once and extrude them one step long. be sure to check solid. the easiest way to make one object out of all would be to use BooleanUnion

Thank you for you help RichardZ,

I was trying to do it by using the Drape tool but the Extrusions are closer to what what I want my site to look like.

Do you know if there is a way of extracting the top ‘stepped’ surfaces of the BooleanUnion as one surface. I want to apply an image to the terrain as a texture and when I tried doing it the image gets distorted.

Hi Irene-
I think you’ll want to use ApplyPlanarMapping to all of those surfaces at once.