Any problems with resolution using a 43" monitor?

I’m thinking of buying tthis monitor
My IT specialist suggsted that I check that Rhino would work on it and give best resolution.

Has anyone had any experience of using ver large screens?

I’m using Rhino 5 with V-Ray but happy to upgrade if necssary.

I use this with no issues…

43" 4k

Just confirm that your PC is able to output 60Hz on 4k resolution. Modern desktop PCs have DisplayPorts that will handle it (ver. 1.2 and up), but if you only have HDMI output to work with it needs to be version 2.0 minimum.

If you are using laptop with docking station, double check if docking station can support 4k 60Hz, especially if you plan to use more than one monitor (built-in LCD also counts). For example older Dell laptops with docking stations connected through dedicated bottom connector usually supported only 4k 30Hz when more than one monitor was connected. 30Hz suuuuucks real bad for anything other than watching movies.

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4K is no problem for Rhino.
What graphiccard do you have?

Well 4K resoultion is pretty standard these days, I’d be more concerned about the suitability of that as a “monitor” otherwise. It’s clearly a “TV” not a “monitor.” I mean the differences today are getting smaller, and if I was looking for a big GAMING screen I’d probably just get a “small” TV, but I don’t know about this second-rate brand. An IPS panel is what you want, but…yeah unless there are reviews or you can actually see it in person running a Windows desktop to tell that it actually has the correct arrangement of the subpixels to display stuff like text correctly–which a lot of cheaper/older TVs don’t–I would kinda stay away. Do you even have the desk space to sit a comfortable distance away from it?

Thanks Jim.

IIyama used to be the monitor of choice for professional photographers and graphic designers back in the day when you had an Apple computer as a tower and bought the monitor separately. They were the world-leader in monitors for graphic design and photography. I wonder if they have downgraded their products in recent years?

Yeah after hitting send I was wondering if that was that old high-end name from back in the day…well Wikipedia says they were bought out ages ago, so it probably only exists as a name to slap on some mediocre generic product, that’s certainly the impression from their website, it happened to a lot of brands. I would want to see some reviews first.

What brand would you recommend Jim if I’m looking to stayunder £500 for a 43’’?

Well I would probably just get a more normal-sized “monitor” for that budget unless I had good info on it, otherwise it might be fine for playing games and watching Netflix but painful to actually stare at for a workday, or have poor color accuracy. Decent “gaming” monitors in that size are at least 50% more, and their specs are clearly not suitable for “work.”

It looks as though there’s an IPS version of that Iiyama monitor on the same site, touting 10-bit colour too. The web is light on reviews for it though.