Looking for the right Display Hardware

we are using Rhino on a Lenovo Notebook with i7 Proc, 16GB Memory, a SSD drive, a Geforce graphics card. It is a great Notebook with super a Display.
In addition we like to have an external Display.
Does somebody has experiance with Displays? Any recomendations out of the community for us?
Thank you very much


I have been using View Sonic displays for more years than I can remember. I have never had a problem with any that I have used. I am currently using for my main display a view sonic 25 inch VS15562, I have a second display that is 19 inch. If I were you I would use the display on the Lenovo for side viewing and use the View Sonic as my main display for working on projects.

All my best … Danny

I have a 24 inch monitor. I feel that this is the smallest I would feel comfortable on doing what I am doing.

[With that said, I also do Rhino at my local coffee shop on a 13" laptop : ) With V5s nice menus, it’s possible, but it’s still a little cramped.]

I used my friends 30" Dell IPS 3K 100% Adobe Gamut monitor for two weeks. 30" is a nice luxury, as I can open palettes and they don’t get in my way, unless I roll my chair closer to have a look.

Currently, 27" monitors are a good price-point. A medium resolution 1920x1080 one can be had for $260, with the 3K ones about $500-$600.

I will not buy monitors that are not IPS/PSL unless something better comes along. I would not get something that is not LED backlit either. My old 24" cold-cathode backlit monitor takes 300 watts, a new 27" monitor about 30 watts.

Samsung, Viewsonic, and the high-end Dell monitors are good. Many Samsung monitors have a zero dead-pixel warranty. I do not understand what Samsung was thinking for some of their monitor stands/cases.

I’ve seen people Photoshop on a 4K TV/Monitor. Nice.

The more pixels you have the more your video card needs to work when you work.

I have two 24" Dell U2412 1920 x 1200 monitors, they’re reasonably priced and work well. I like the fact that they’re 1200 pixels high (16:10) and not 1080 (16:9). You can get the U2414 if you don’t care, they’re even less expensive. You can also get the color calibrated equivalent U2413 (I had one) but they cost about 60% more.


Hi. I also prefer 2 x 23Inch LED screens to a single bigger screen.I keep all my toolbars on the side screen and my workspace is open and free of toolbar debris.

Hi @All,
Thanks for your answers and sharing your experience.
We tried a Fujitsu 27" IPS and an ASUS 27" IPS both 16:9 format. And we came to the result that none of them is acceptable. The sharpness of the picture in comparison with the internal Notebook display (15.6”) is awful.
I think we are going to do some more testing with DELL and Viewsonic before we finally decide whether to buy or not. Will post the results here.

My view sonic display is super clear and crisp. Just a heads up prior to your purchasing a display prior to seeing a view sonic in action.

All my best … Daniel