4k Displays and Rhino - Mac and Windows Report

After much research and inquiries posted here, we took our first plunge and acquired 3 different 4k displays. Wanted to post a brief report on my impression, and comment relative to Rhino. Lots of detailed reviews on the internet. Hope this helps someone.

Since we were replacing Apple 30" Cinema displays, one criteria was larger than 30". The focus was Mac OS, though we evaluated Windows via BootCamp. Ignored the slew of 28" 4K and 5K panels. However, if the 28" size is right for you, would suggest, budget permitting, one of the 5k models as you’ll get the sharpest display possible at present, with scaling, especially with Mac OS when mimicking the 5K iMac. Your Windows mileage may vary until Win10…

We chose the 3 displays with different criteria in mind, though I gave each equal Rhino analysis:

  1. Overall size

  2. 4K video

  3. CAD

Overall Size - 40"

There has been only two real 40" computer displays recently: the Seiki SM40UNP and Phillips 4065UC. The Phillips is not marketed in the US, though apparently available on Amazon as an import. We went Seiki. Purportedly (on the internet) both use the same panel (can’t confirm), which is Super MVA.

Serious wow factor with a 40". We were thinking 40 is the new 30, but like the 30 “back-in-the-day”, might take a little use to feel normal. It is really nice to see Rhino designs at this size, and 4-window modeling is sweet too. Another advantage of this size at 4K is that full 3840 x 2160 is a very usable 138dpi in Mac and Win Rhino, though one does not benefit from the “sharp smoothness” of “Retina style” scaling of a smaller display.

The screen glass is a somewhat low glare glossy similar to the current iMac, perhaps a little less glossy (I prefer matte screens). The only relative downside is the Super MVA panel. It is not bad at all, just does not quite measure up, side-by-side, to the other IPS displays.

The Seiki is a good choice if you are all about size, IMO, otherwise keep looking.


4K Video

We chose the LG 31.5" 31MU97-B (there is a Thunderbolt hub version on its way) because of its optimization for 4K video and I was curious about its suitability as a CAD display. As expected, great color uniformity, and comes out of the box factory calibrated, though pure CAD user may not care.

The 31MU97-B is a beautiful display and the sleekest/cleanest of the lot. Nice matte screen surface. It is higher res too at 4096 x 2160. At this res on Mac OS, scaling one notch down from full resolution (looks like 3008 x 1586) might be the absolute highest one could bare, and just barely IMO. It’s screen is smaller (less tall) than other 32" displays as it has a different (digital cinema) aspect ratio.

It is a really nice display if you like it, though I preferred the greater perceived screen real estate of a taller 32".


The BenQ BL3201PH is marketed as a CAD display and I agree in relative comparison. If thought was truly applied to such by BenQ, logic dictates this is the display for a Rhino (or any CAD) user assuming one agrees with the effort. I agree. It was clearly my favorite of the three.

Some complain about color uniformity across the entire display. Unless you make a living as a photographer or Cinematographer, I’d say you’ll never notice anything. I certainly do not perceive any color issue with my eyes. On the contrary, as a daily CAD display, rendering, and general use display, the BL3201PH stood out to me from the start.

Similar nice matte screen surface as the LG - zero glare. It is a beefier display than the LG, but relatively svelte compared to the ACD 30". This 32" size is usable at 3840 x 2160 is you’ve got really good (or young) eyes. For me, scaling one notch down from full resolution (looks like 3008 x 1692), with a few application adjustments, is just right! With Windows 8.1 150% scaling worked well enough.

Major upgrade to the ACD 30". Love everything about this one.

IMO - Mac OS is clearly superior to Windows 8.1 with 4K-5k at present. Such is supposed to change with Windows 10.

Hope this helps someone. Spent hours researching. Enjoy!


Hi Richard- thanks for posting this detailed report.