Any mac compatible xNurbs equivalents to make flowing surfaces?

Are there any mac compatible xNurbs equivalents that can make flowing faces like this example below?
XNurbs Example

Not that I know of. But what kind of surfacing problem do you want to solve?

It’s not necessarily a surfacing problem i’m having, it’s just that I’m designing a Bugatti Veyron and I find getting the surfaces to check out on the zebra tool very time consuming. xNurbs is just very intuitive in the way it’s able to create natural organic looking surfaces. I’m just looking for a plug-in or program of similar nature for Mac to save to time and have better results.

I’m using XNurbs but I can tell you it can’t do magic. You still need to have good base surfaces and feasible geometry/ curves to start with. I highly recommend to study the primary surfacing videos made by @sgreenawalt

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Definitely checking this out. Thank you for you input!

an improved patch would be quite a thing… patch is basically pretty awesome, if only it would be just a little bit better. i think that also has been asked for quite a few times, is there no bug tracker?

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I agree. If they could add the functionality to patch that “Soap Skin & Bubble” sketch-up plugin offers that would be awesome.

that seems to be based on mesh. not that sketchup would mess with nurbs anyway, not going to happen :smiley:

by the way patch can achieve similar resuts in a very fast time maybe not based entirely on a minimal surface algorithm but maybe useable for some occasions.

with history enabled you can add points and curves or surfaces for tangency and update the output in real time. that is all very nice if the quality of patch would just be better.

found a tracker for Patch RH-12267 i opened a new topic Xmas Wish: Improve Patch