Any improvements to MeshToNurb?

I have to do a project that started in C4D. The MeshToNurb conversion makes every polygon a separate nurb so texture mapping doesn’t work.

Any improvements to this or suggestions as to how to overcome the issue?


Hi @arail,

That is exactly how MeshToNurbs is suppose to work and I don’t think we are planning on changing it as far as I know.

What is the issue you’re running into? Could you describe it? Do you need to transfer an only NURBS model to C4D or can you use a mesh?

My issue is about transferring a mesh model from C4D to Rhino, not the other way around.

The issue is texturing. Let’s say I’ve imported a model of a football from C4D (mesh) and converted it to a nurbs model in Rhino - when I apply a texture to the model, let’s say a logo, I get a separate texture in each patch and I see no way to tell the computer to put one logo on the football, not a hundred (or however may polys the original had).

And if You change to suitable “Texture Projection”, …under no circumstances “Texture Mapping -> Surface” ?

Thanks for the reply.
It must have something to do with how the geometry is welded in the sub d program because project mapping works (solved the problem of the moment - thanks) but not for a couple of the items.
So I guess making sure everything is properly welded and the normals face correctly in the sub d program before exporting is the key.