Any idea why these Interpolated curves won't loft together?

I am trying to create a dynamic flower pot, and I have an array of generated circles, subdivided to some resolution, then subdivided again and interpolated amongst this new subdivision, then I flip the matrix to try and connect the columns of vertices in the z-direction, and interpolate those to make curves from them. That seems to work, but when I try to loft these new curves, nothing seems to get lofted, even if flip the matrix back, the vertical levels don’t loft. Could anyone please take a look at these files and possibly see why?

3-point-curved-2.3dm (35.1 KB) (17.3 KB)

Flatten the list

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Ah, duh! Should have tried that… still getting in the habit of flattening… Thank you! :raised_hands: :slight_smile:

Please dont, it’s a bad habit

In this case how would when solve this dilemma otherwise?

Here’s another simpler way to get very similar results (28.5 KB)


Cool! That is nice and works too… I haven’t messed with polygon generation through series… I will play around with it. Thank you!