Anti-Aliasing in Rendering

I was going to hold off asking rendering questions until I got the whole model built in rhino but I am far enough along to maybe ask some questions in this area.

In these pictures, the grid lines are—shall we say–not so good. I get the zipper pattern on the top rings and interference patter on the side rings.

On other systems I have had to adjust anti-aliasing settings to get those to come out right. What would I need to do in Rhino to fix those?

In the Render drop down menu open Render Properties to access the Anti-Aliasing sample setting. If the images you posted are the rendered display mode and not actual renderings, then the anti-aliasing is controlled by the graphics card. You can open Preferences (CMD + ,) in Rhino for Mac and go into the OpenGL section to adjust that.

I was using Render>Render.

The OpenGL anti-alias settings are set to 4x.

But am I using OpenGL? The only option under Render>Current Render is Rhino Render.

You’ll need to adjust the anti-aliasing setting in Render>Render Properties then. OpenGL is just for the viewport display.


I could get it a little better setting anti-aliasing to max (10x) and greatly increasing the size of the image.

Something I am going to have to work on playing with.