Another question about encoding as an avi file

Hi again,

I just tried rendering my animation at a higher resolution (1763x933) with compression set, again, to png. I then encoded the frames as an avi and Bongo, for some reason, broke it down in to three videos. Beginning, middle and end. Is this normal?

Thank you.

The general, not-entirely-helpful answer to your questions about encoding is that .avi and .mpg and whatnot aren’t exactly “file formats,” they’re more like a general category for video files, containers for the actual formats, which are the codecs you have to choose from, and they all have their own quirks of what’s likely to be installed on a barebones Windows or Mac box, what compression options they have, resolution or framerate limitations, etc.

Hi Jim,

Following up on your reply, I wonder if I could elaborate on this? Let me see if I understand – formats and codecs are the same thing… and when one says “avi” or “mpg” there are different formats or codecs within that term and the characteristics of that codec depends on what is likely to be installed on the computer… what compression options they have… resolution, framerate limitations etc.

Do I have it right? If so, would it be correct to say “what format (or codec) do you want me to render this animation in?”

Thank you.


If only it where that easy. No - formats and codecs are not the same thing.

It’s incredibly difficult to explain what is going on - but my advice to you if you want to share your video is pretty simple. Find a format that gets the highest quality you can get on your machine (you may need to download XVID and use AVI - but usually I find WMV 9 works best for me), and then upload the video to YouTube.

YouTube has solved the video format problem.