Another GH Sweep Issue (17.8 KB)

Hello dear forum,

I am working on this shape. All seems okay to me but at some different rotation angles applied to the first curve of the sweep profiles, it seems like the order of the profiles changes and this results in an unwanted outcome. However the desired result lies within a parameter that produces this issue, so I thought I might just present the issue in case someone comes up with a solution.


oh man this is so weird! :smiley:

by the way, using the rhinocommon method this problem does not arise, if this can be useful in any way (18.1 KB)

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Thank you for the solution, yeah it is so weird…

and I think rhinocommon version works a little faster too. My system is not too bad and it seems like on yours it flows better. It must be the rhinocommon unless you own a BTC mining system. :sweat_smile:

By the way this is what I get when I use your suggested code: (21.5 KB)

not at all, I’m on an ancient alienware laptop year 2019, i7-9700K, 32Gb ram and rtx 2080 .____.

then there must be something wrong with my system… :thinking:


Thank you, I missed that I guess. :pray:

by the way are you using Rhino 7 or 8?

I tried the same code in Rhino 7 and it works fast as in your video. On 8 it takes ages… If you have the possibility can you check on R8 as well?

I was in R8, here is a comparison, top one is Script component with Python 3, bottom one is old GhPython Script component with IronPython (26.3 KB)

be sure to have right_click - set both inputs as curves and y input as List access?

Yeah I’ve selected the necessary input types… Still on Rhino 8 it takes soo long. R7 is faster.

if you open the definition I have attached to my last post, that was created in Rhino8

in that file you can see both the script in Python_3 (top one) and IronPython (bottom one)

what calculation times do you see there?
if you don’t see times, you need to activate the Profiler option from here:



looks like your calculation times are better than mine, and anyway in the order of a few ms?

True, it looks like so.
And R7 in my PC is a bit faster than R8 but still there is this huge lag when I update anything. Do you think it might be video card related? NVIDIA drivers not being compatible with R8?