Announcing Grasshopper on Hypar

The team at Hypar is excited to announce our support for Grasshopper functions running on the Hypar cloud.
You can now use Hypar to run your Grasshopper definitions on the cloud, allowing anyone to interact with them on the web, and even connect them with other functions / scripts!

Just download the Hypar plugin from the Rhino package manager, pick the parts of your script that create inputs and outputs, and publish with your Hypar account! Sign up on for free.

There’s a series of youtube videos explaining the process here:

or you can read the docs here.

It’s still early days of this functionality — we’d love for you to try it out and give us your feedback!

@andheum and the rest of the @Hypar team


Hi! Which 3d library does your viewer use? I’m interested in the render possibilities for products to end customer.

Hi @Dani_Abalde — our 3d viewer is built on Three.JS.

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Is Hypar compatible with Google Sheets? Can i use my definition with python implementation of read/write data from Google Sheets in Hypar?