Grasshopper embeded in a website

Hi everyone!

I would like to create a bespoke object where people can define their parameter online and see in real time the result.

So I was wondering if there was any tool, software, plugin or company doing this kind of thing by loading a grasshopper model and allowing the user to slide some chosen parameter?
That would be awsome!

Thanks in advance


That’s exactly what I was looking for :grin: thanks!

Wish it was more responsive though. When all action is happening on the server it may take a long time for some more interesting scripts to load.

Does anyone know or have an idea how shapdiver produced their tool? I want to develop a web page which has a script built in and various input, leading to a 2D / 3D object in a window on the UI

We are developing Rhino.Compute to facilitate using Rhino functionality in the cloud.

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