Is there a way to fix the size of annotations, rather than have them crowd out a zoomed out view ?

Not sure about your version, but they disappear on my screen when zoomed out.

Alternatively you could put all your annotations in a separate layer and hide them from view anyway when you’re zoomed out.

I’m running Mac latest version. I checked/unchecked annotation scaling but it makes no difference.

Thanks for the tip.

Are you talking about annotation DOTS? If so, the size does not change with the zoom level, as they are screen-space objects, not model-space objects. You can globally change the dot size by selecting them all (SelDot) and then changing the size in Properties, but again, this will not change with the zoom level.

If you need annotations that change size with the zoom level, you will need to stick to text blocks and leaders, with the disadvantage that they are not “face-me” objects - they need to lie in a plane and depending on the view they may not always be visible.


Was referring to text annotations. Text blocks will work just as well.
Thanks guys.