Annotation style changes when baked from grasshopper to rhino

I’m creating unfolded fabrication sheets for a sort of complex geometry, and I created a script that provides linear and angular dimensions to each a panel. it looks fine on grasshopper but whenever I bake it into rhino the annotation style change and becomes extremely bigger that they overlap and become unreadable. are there any solutions ???
thanks in advance!

Hello - you might check the annotation style scaling in Rhino:


I did and unfortunately it didn’t fix it.

Hello - I guess I need an example - if I add a dimension here it bakes to the expected size, there must be more to it.


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I’ll share it asap as i left the script at work and it’s vacation now. thank you! (8.7 KB)
sample.3dm (38.1 KB)

here’s an example of what im working with, whenever I bake the dimensions they get bigger and i can’t edit them afterwards, even from rhino. thankss