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Hi Forum, so I work with a lot of drawings for interiors and fitted furniture, the PDF’s I create from layouts have a lot of dimensions, text, leaders etc. My drawings have different views, elevations, and sections. My question is this, is there a way to override annotations ‘hiding’ behind surfaces ? I seem to spend a lot of my time dragging text/dimensions so they can be seen in the layout space. I tend to use technical mode for my display option, tia :slight_smile:

(John Brock) #2

Try the “BringForward” command.


John, many thanks, just tried on my Mac at home, guess it works just the same on Windows at the office :slight_smile:.
Does the command override clipping planes and section tools ?
Also are there any more commands hiding away which aide annotating layout drawings ?

(John Brock) #4

The tools aren’t that specific. They are BringForward, BringToFront, SendBackward, SendToBack.
All they do is fiddle with the order objects are drawn to the screen.


thanks John, as they say, ‘everyday is a school day’ :slight_smile:


John I’ve noticed today that when using section tools the annotations are still ‘hidden’, meaning I have to manually drag them to a point in model space where they will appear in the layout. Is there a way to override this and have text/dims/leaders disregard the clipped view ?

(John Brock) #7

It sounds like you have a work-around for V5.
Have you tried this in V6?


I’ve not tried in the WIP V6, I’ve hardly had time to to try it, only been using Rhino on the windows side for a few months, have used Rhino for Mac for a few years. I really like the layout feature now in Rhino, but it’s the annotating that is slowing workflow down :frowning: . I’ve just done the drawings for over 50 kitchens, each is a 3 page PDF document, if annotating could be more efficient it would be a much richer experience :slight_smile:

(John Brock) #9

Development for V5 stopped some time ago.
No fixes will happen in V5, and you have figured out a work-around.

If the problem persists in V6, we can file a defect report and perhaps get it fixed.


I might suggest annotating in layout space, you are then guaranteed annotations will be on top of model space geometry.



Hi Sam, yes thats an option I’ve tried, its not ideal but gets me what I need, will play around with the V6 WIP next week and see what the results are. I may even persuade the money people in the finance office to purchase the V6 release at the early bird price :slight_smile: