Animated Shop Drawings

I do not have an engineering or math background. I have been a professional 3D artist for many years. At age 60 I started using Freehand and Turbo Cad to create working drawings for manufacturing. 21 years later my CAD skills have improved but the soul of my drawings has always been to tell a story.

So, rather than create traditional shop drawings for construction, I decided to tell a visual story about how the product should be constructed. I tried out the animated video shop drawings to a gruff shop manager and he responded that these were very easy to understand and complimented the presentation,

My client for the past 3 years is a professional sculptor who competes for outdoor public sculpture. The following links are to the animated presentations.

First is winning the job. This link is to the presentation viewed by the selection committee.

The second video is the trial version instruction of the sculpture that would be built in the metal shop

The next two animated shop drawings are for building the final version that will be installed in Ft, Worth Texas

Rhino was the CAD program of choice to build the models and do the individual shop drawings. Key Shot for the renderings and animation. Premiere Pro for constructing the Videos


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