Searching Recommendation for Outsourcing CAD 2D Drawings

Hi everyone,
I’m using Rhino for quite a long time in the context of the AEC Industry.

But when it comes to creating detailed Shop Drawings for Steel Assemblies, with bent sheet metal while maintaining an accurate Bill Of Materials and so on Rhino is currently not the perfect tool.

That’s why I thought of modelling everything very hightly detailed in Rhino and outsource the creation of Shop Drawings.

I looked online and found about 1000 “great services” that offer everything from Rendering to BIM MEP and FEM Analysis all under one roof - very unlikely the master everything :slight_smile:

So I was wondering if anyone in the community already has good experience in outsourcing this kind of work and could recommend a company.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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Only bad experiences(unfortunately):
-promise unrealistic timelines
-delay well beyond reason timeframe before starting
-even over-explained directions are not executed correctly
-1day+ lag before acting on directions (no matter how critical) - this it makes the point above very frustrating.

Happy to hear otherwise so long as there’s company details we can follow up! :wink:

Might be worth looking at SpaceClaim to run along side Rhino, if you already have the manpower but, not the critical functionality?


You might want to check out this webinar…

Front generated more than 1 million drawings for this project.

We have carried out automated drawing generation directly out of Rhino for several complex geometry facades, e.g. La Canopée des Halles or the curved facades surrounding the EXPO Astana 2017 Sphere (some samples). Such automated drawing generation requires the models in Rhino to be set up in a clever way including all of the necessary metadata, but it’s not rocket science. Please get in touch if you are still interested in such services.

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