High-Res viewport export creates white edges

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned already, but I couldn’t find it.

Many times when I export an image from the viewport (or use GH animate slider) with a higher resolution than my viewport is currently showing, seemingly random objects will have white edges instead of black or their respective colour. So far no settings would change this.

Thank you guys.

Does it happen with PNG and transparent background?
I had similar problem with the above setting with random objects in some display modes.

It happened with both .png and .bmp export. When animating in GH I usually export as .bmp to not loose information when making video clips.

I’ll try changing file formats next time I have a chance. In my experience this also only happened when the export resolution was significantly higher (for example, 4K export on a normal HD screen). It seems to be working on another computer with a high-res display for now.