Animating in GH - some colors and transperency output incorrectly (Glitch or human error?)

I am animating in Grasshopper via the Slider animate function and for some reason my animation is outputting different colors than what is in my viewport. What concerns me is that this worked fine in the past for this same script. A month or two later and this has turned for the worse by outputting a completely different version of my preview animation colors and materials. The confusing part is that it is only effecting some color previews and not others.

To note, I have made new portions of the script, but I did not change these malfunctioning outputs and they appear on my Viewport to be correct until they are rendered via the animation process.

Any advice on where to look would be so helpful. I am using Rhino on Mac.



UPDATE ——— I ran a test and it appears to be something related to the transparency input and animation output on the Preview Custom Material Component. Once I removed the transparency input, it no longer outputs a different image when rendering the animation via the slider. In short, it maintains the color with a 100% opacity and not a 75% opacity.

I also ran a test on my PC partition and the incorrect animation output was the same as previewed on my mac. With that noted, I was able to see a brief microsecond preview of the correct transparency and colors while very quickly clicking through the image frames, but they would each immediately render on my display to be the incorrect opacity and color when I stopped clicking through the previews.

I unfortunately could not figure out how to properly screen record this phenomena on my PC to present this display conflict, since window record is not a native function to the Windows OS.