Angle dims display 1dec point file2 yet display precision etc same both files

file #1 and file#2 units show:-

Absolute tolerance 1.0
Relative tolerance 1.0
Angle tolerance 1.0
display precision 1.000 angle 1.33deg

file #1 two lines use angle dim get 1.33deg
copy paste the two lines to file #2 and it shows 1.33

remeasure these lines with angle dimension and it shows 1.3deg

draw two lines in file#2, rotate one 1.3333deg, use angle dim and get 1.3 deg.

I hadnt even altered the properties when creating these files, I created a new file and pasted the objects in.

What do I need to alter to get 1.33deg ?


If you are placing an actual dimension (as opposed to just checking a dimension), you need to go into the properties of that dimension to make sure you are displaying 2 decimals.