Angle Dimension - Dim Line Extension when Hint Left/Right, etc

Is this possible in RH7 at the moment? (color for illustrative purposes only)


Not with the red extended arc, no.

This is about as close as we can get:

Gotcha, thx. Can we pin that to the Requests?

EDIT: Just re-read your comment. Guess it’s a no-go. :melting_face:

Let’s see how many other Rhino users think they need it.

I don’t think there is a mechanism currently in the dimensioning tools to easily add it, so it would potentially be a fairly major project.

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Great idea, always wanted this. Easily voting for this to be implemented. However, I would love to see a slightly different version of the angle dimension, featuring a customizable length of the straight extension tangent to the arc, with the angle numbers following the same orientation perpendicular to the extension (optionally, also horizontal or vertical). That would be extremely useful, especially for small dimensions:

Also, I find the default dimension settings not optimized for “Large objects - Millimeters”, so I propose those 3 new sizes to be added as default in the future (5 mm, 10 mm and 20 mm):

Large Objects - Millimeters.3dm (127.9 KB)

I want extended arc, not straight line.

+1 for this customizable feature, if poss.

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+1 for this feature

I’ve logged this request here RH-75828 extend arc of dimension when dimension is left or right