Anenome Growth Definition - Help to improve or change

This started out as a leaf venation attempt but morphed into this. (31.8 KB)

The idea is to start with a point that moves toward a target point.
There’s a probability that this path can branch.
Each point’s direction gets moved back towards the target
but then has a random rotation throwing it off course.
Each branch can be randomly killed.

You can adjust how much it is pulled (rotated and moved) towards the target
how much it can randomly be thrown off course.
the probability of branching throughout it’s life cycle - graph mapper
probability of branches being killed off during the lifecycle - graph mapper

I did a 2d one which I liked and tried to make it 3d… it works but there are some strange behaviours like when one branch just wanders off.

I think the way I calculate the angles between the branch movement vector and the vector from the branch end to the target is possibly wrong.

Likewise I think my rotations are probably not quite right.

Is there a neater way of pointing the branch at the target with a randomness that means it wanders?

What else could you throw in to the lifecycle?

I use a Pufferfish component and the Rich Graph Mapper component.

BTW - I’m using R5