Anemone "Fast Loop End" component process taking forever

Why should this take so long ?
It seems to happen from time to time for no reason.
Most of the times, it doesn’t even register a processing time…

Anemone bug ?

PS : It takes so long that the Metahopper "Bottleneck navigator can’t even display the time correctly :slight_smile:

Without your file it think it’s hard to help you. Used Fast Loop yesterday and everything was fine.

I have no idea about this problem :wink:, but if you need to measure in milliseconds instead, you can use this script: :smiley::rofl:

Got a file? Could also be the code in the loop. Maybe you are passing some data incorrectly. Usually with loops that hang or take long means you are creating a lot of data (like an accidental graft). Have you tried the same thing with something like hoopsnake to see if it is in fact anemone or the logic of your loop?

In my early experiments with Anemone “Fast Loop", I observed a difference between how the same data was treated when referenced directly vs. being passed as a loop input. But it’s not always true and I can’t easily replicate a case where it makes a difference… but it might?

Honestly, I think that WITH my file, you would also have trouble helping me, since the problem is not systematically repeatable.
I was just asking whether there was a known issue with this component.

I also use it quite often and haven’t had any unexplained/unexpected slow speed issues. Only ones I have had I anticipate because I know the code I am using between the loops is heavy/generates a lot of data.

Hi Michael,

The same amount of data passes through many other components in my definition, and it doesn’t take so much time.
I don’t even loop that many times either.

I would try the same loop with hoopsnake and octopus (two other loop plug-ins) or Anemone’s regular loop components set to “output after last” and see if the performance still suffers. Then you will know if it is Anemone fast loop or not.