Amazing block plugin


So something I (We) anticipated from first party was done by 3rd party (probably ONE individual).


It actually does with blocks what had been asked million times…


I’ll just paste what I said in the other thread, with one change. McNeel shouldn’t just be embarrased, they should be ashamed:

Holy crap! :exploding_head:

I mean… woooooooow! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

  • The improved UX. :heartbeat:
  • The floating shortcuts menu. :sparkling_heart:
  • The simple fact that you get a popup of the name and it isn’t cut-off! :laughing: :1st_place_medal:

Someone got fed up of McNeel’s crap and actually knew how to fix it!

What’s wrong with the culture in McNeel that they can let something like this remain in their software that they are selling for more than a decade? And leave it to a user to fix it as donationware? (I really hope someone from McNeel gives them a big donation.)

Care to comment @bobmcneel?

Uh I just saw some dude on Reddit lose work due to that plugin.

I would NOT trust an abandonware plugin by one guy for anything this critical.

can you post link i wonder what happened and how because i dont want to revive that experience

There’s no helpful information, just a guy who was using it said he suddenly lost everything while editing a block.

Seems it was released at the end of last year and last updated just two months ago. The developer also seems to actively answer questions for free on the download page, and gives out his e-mail address in the plug-in itself. That’s more care and attention than McNeel has spent on something this critical during the last decade.


There is unfortunately a bug in Rhino that can make this happen, I bet this plugin is not a rewrite of blocks but rather a UI on top of it. Edit: looking at it closer it might be more than that.

Not a rewrite of blocks, but blockedit.

Smart, ain’t it? You can even edit non-uniformly scaled blocks.

I’ll ask this guy if he is willing to open source that thing, because there’s a lot to be learned from him, on my side for sure.

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Yes, that’s probably it.

I’ve seen it and I think it works very well. The ability to edit the block plane is neat as well, and it works equally well on groups.

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I find this to be a godsent. Has anyone from mcneel (@wim) analyzed the situation (plugin itself and its possible implementation)?