Am i wrong saying there's so much Grasshopper in Altered Carbon?

Dont worry, i wont spoil the excellent season 2.

It didn’t shock me in season 1 as much as in season 2 of this epic Netfli x series to see so many GH themes in facades, deco design, etc…

Im not sure the whole movie is not an ultimate GH construct (GH 4.0 with serious a serious temporal fx capable plugin?) but if you look at the details, the scenes, it’s pretty convincing.

There’s so many cues…

Any info on that?


just to start with :slight_smile:

I bet there are many architecture students too skilled in design for practice working on this. :wink:
I remember the skyscrapers from season 1, which also looked straight out of Grasshopper. :smiley:

And voronoi or hex grids are all the fashion for sci fi!