Alternative to FurGen

Hi guys.

Exist someone how alternative to FurGen which is long time inactive in development? I need create hair on much heads into my next art.

Thank you

I would recommend exporting to a program where you can “shave and groom” the hair.
Maybe MakeHuman can be the tool. It’s free:

3ds Max, Maya, Cinema4D, Poser etc. can also do the job.

Hi Holo, nice tool. Thank you for the hint.

I tested it here - can it be used to create a pose too? I can’t find how to do it. Or is for creation only and for posing an other software should be used?

Hi Micha,
No, the makehuman it’s only for model.
The good part it’s that has direct export of the rig for blender.

Hi Micha, I have not tried it, I just found it. It appears Blender is the tool for it as @skysurfer said.

Thank you. Looks like I should play with Blender too.

Or test out Daz Studio, it is free now.
I still use my vintage Poser (5?) when I need new 3D models. Not very advanced, but fast. Maybe I too should test out some of this software… one day when the kids are at sleep…

:joy: All too familiar…


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Daz seems like an impressive tool, but the gallery is 99% big tits and monsters… one has to dig through to find the gems like this:

(And even then there is a fair bit of tits…)