Is Rhino Overkill for me?

My impression is that Rhino is overkill for what I need (?) I’m looking for a program that will let me create life-like 3D models of figurines and things like that – say, to make striking 3d graphics that end up on a poster, or book cover. I don’t need files for actual manufacture. I’m need something I can import into Illustrator. Rhino seems more appropriate for product designers, not for creative artists. ??? I wanted a trial version of 3DS Max, but the company hasn’t bothered to get back to me. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good program I could try and then perhaps purchase?

Blender perhaps?


You’re welcome to try Rhino out with a 90 day evaluation period.

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Check out SubD tools in rhino they are great for easy modeling, beside that another packages like Zbrush and other kinds offer “hand” sculpting tool sets.

Yes, Blender is your friend,
and maybe with too…


Interesting, thank you!

thank you!

Hi Leslie,

remembers me to try also ZBrush




not sure how blender is less overkill than Rhino. it is cheaper though but i think approaching a tool like Rhino gives you many options in different layers. also since we entered the age of sub d now with rhino it has the advantage to deliver you a very precise production ready set of paradigms, when i can call it so because rhino actually manages to bring together quite a few approaches of modeling which when needed are there.

on the other hand, any software has its limitations, meaning that whatever application you choose if chosen solely will rather be an underkill, if at some point you are aiming to excel in what you do.

so facilitating several software packages which can work supplemental to each other is never wrong.

SculptGL and Sculptris are free programs for making 3D sculptures.


It does poly-modelling, sculpting, animation, rendering, and much more, and it is free.
Rhino is primarily a CAD tool to use if you want precision, like in architecture or product design.
I know that many people - myself included - use it for whatever, but that has many pitfalls and requires a certain mastery of the app, even often times scripting.

Rhino is a great app, but for what you are describing, it doesn’t seem to be the right choice.


AutoDesk will let you have a 30 day trial of MudBox … I tried it years ago and made a bust of Saddam Hussein! I am not going to tell you why.

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Leslie Gordon

that was my impression for sure, I’m going to try Blender

Leslie Gordon

I will check them out, thank you!

Leslie Gordon

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lesson learned, thank you

Have you tried Rhino?


Sounds as if you’ll need to import a 2D vector into AI. Rhino can create outstanding 2D vector views from any POV. Try it.