Alternating sized subdivisions along surface

Trying to subdivide or array geometry of alternating panel sizes along a curved surface (similar effect to the image attached, see for clarification). I’m sure there is a pretty simple solution but I’m still learning the ropes. I was able to manage to array consistent sized geometry mapped to a surface but I’m trying to take it a step further now and alte`rnate the widths of each panel in a pattern.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks.

surface_panels (3.2 KB)
surface panels_01.3dm (185.4 KB)

Something like this?

surface_panels (11.7 KB)

I think that will do the trick, thank you!

How would you do this, with the alternating sized sections stretching across the whole surface domain? (so between 0,0 and 1,1 - not leaving a skinny section at the end).

Essentially, I am trying to create a series which goes a,b,a,b,a - where the 3a + 2b = 1. This would then be a list which goes ( 0, a, a+b, 2a+b, 2a+2b, 3a+2b ). So there’s a cumulative element to it. Those values would then be used with a subsrf function.

EDIT - I managed this with a mass Addition, Partial results, inserting a “0” at the start of the list.