Alternating point selection from grid

Hi everyone,

Trying to figure out how to select points from this grid in this order. I’ve been trying to use the split list and shift list commands but not quite getting there. Hoping someone here has tried this before.


Solved it and am posting the result if someone needs it in the future.

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It seems your simple solution only works with an even number of divisoins…
Here’s another example. (8.5 KB)


So after figuring out this selection I am trying to raise the points and then remesh or resurface to create this diagonal topology. I am having a hard time getting the points to merge back to a list in the proper order and finding the right tool to remesh or resurface using the points. Any help is appreciated!

This was done manually by moving the points in the mesh

Diamond (12.3 KB)

Diamond (8.8 KB)



Tried to use the .gh file but missing the kangaroo component. I have downloaded kangaroo so unsure why it can’t find it.

I’m using Rhino 6

I see. Yes, that component is R7 only.
Here’s an alternative way that should work in 6 too
Diamond (10.0 KB)


Thanks so much Dan!

I wish I was better at math to understand what you did though, so I can continue to build on this. Any chance you might be willing to break it down in a reply?

From what I can see you deconstructed the xyz values from the mesh vertices. Then you separated the x values into a separate list and extracted the 0 data, -10. I start to get lost here as you then create another list from this but add the +1 to get -8 and subtract them.

You then divided the result (-2) by the y values (this is where I’m definitely lost lol), and added them together. I am not sure what the absolute or modulus are for but I think you are using them to make sure the values are organized correctly before using them in the move vector?

If you don’t have time to break it down no worries and again thank you for your assistance!