Alternate dimension text showing/not showing problem

I’m in the process of converting over to Rhino 6 from many years of 5. I’m slowly getting used to the new interfaces, but I’ve found what I think is a bug. I use alternate dimension text for most of my drawings. There are two conditions I’ve noticed that the alternate text is not displayed properly.

  1. If I remove the <> tag and enter values manually, the alternate dimension value still displays.

  2. For formula entries in dimension text (like CurveLength), only the primary dimension is displayed, the alternate is not shown.

Hi Jonathan, thanks, I’ll check this.

@jonathan3 - DimCurveLength behaves the same as in V5, correct? These are sort of pseudo-dimensions that do not really use the annotation style the same way as real ones… yes, it should be better.
The alternate units… I see V5 does not show any if the <> is replaced by a number, and V6 continues to show the value for the actual dimension. Both of these seem wrong to me, I think I’d expect the alternate value to reflect the length factor applied to the hand typed number…?


Hi Pascal,

You are correct that DimCurveLength works the same as in V5. I hadn’t used it much but in V6 being able to add a function to any type of dimension has opened up some new possibilities. For example, I’m using it in this case to note the length of arcs. I dimension with an angle dimension and then replace the angle with the curve length - thus giving me a curved dimension line. That is why I was hoping to get the alternate dimension showing as well.

I think it’s more correct for nothing to show when the <> is removed. It would be neat if Rhino generated the alternate correctly for whatever was typed in, but I can see too many cases where this would be undesirable. Typically, I use this where I want to add a note instead of a numerical dimension - for example “VARIES” instead of an actual number.

Cheers, Jonathan

Hi Jonathan - got that, thanks.


Thank you

Hi Pascal,

I read the comments over on the bug tracking page. I wasn’t trying to create a big discussion, just that I felt it made sense if you removed the <> it should remove all calculated values so you can type whatever you want in the dimension line. I’m not sure I would call the change in V6 an ‘improvement’, but I can accept the decision and continue to use the work-around.


Hi Jonathan - thanks - I guess there is logic either way on this one and we just need to pick one and carry on… I imagine that if it turns out to be a general problem with users wanting both, some sort of option is always possible.