Dimension overwrite problem/concept

Sometimes I have to cheat on drawing by overwriting <> in dimensions.
Let’s say I want to put a dimension in a perspective view and the value shown is
wrong. I replace <> and type the value desired.
The problem is that I don’t have the control over the content of the dimension even if I replace the <>.
I have a dimension style with an alternate value (mm [inch]). In that case the [inch] value remains visible.
Furthermore, I saw a post about the opposite scenario. Somebody wanted to have tolerance shown even if <> is overwritten.
My question/wish, is there a way to control parts visibility in dimension ?
Let’s say : < value tolerance alternate_value > ?


Hello - currently, no, none that I know of.


Any plan to revise that behavior ?
At least hiding the alternate units field if <> is not used.
Ideally, if the forced value is readable (no text), the alternate units may be calculated accordingly.

Hi -
I’ve put this on the list as item RH-59337 so that we can gauge demand for this feature request.
For the foreseeable future, you will have to use two different annotation styles.

Note -

Tolerances are currently shown even if <> is overwritten.

Thank you for the list.
I effectively use two different styles.

My point with the tolerance was to show that the situation may imply a more advanced option
than <> symbol to manage the visibility of each elements. Something like functions in text objects.