Annotations disappearing in V6

Alright, my office often creates complex paper-space drawings with lots of annotation. I recently upgraded to V6 and have noticed an issue I’ve never encountered before. I’ll have a linear dimension, for example, where I’ve modified the text on the dimension. Sometimes, when I open the file up, my text is gone, replaced with only a quotation mark. When I go to edit the text, it shows that my original text is present, but when I leave the edit window, it still shows just the quotation mark! It doesn’t affect all of my dimensions, nor is it regularly the same ones. What’s the deal?

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Hello - can you export one of these dimensions and the object it is dimensioning to a new file and if the problem still shows up, can you please post that file here or send to

Is the original a V5 file opened in V6, or is the dimension added in V6, or?




I can’t export the object and the dimension together, the object is in model space and the dimension is in paper space. When I export the dimension alone, it does indeed still have the same issue.

Also, if I go in and edit the dimension, add and then delete a space, and hit “OK,” my text reappears but the quotation mark is still present at the end of the string… Upon exploring my dimension style options, I see that I have a quotation mark as a suffix for all of my dimensions. I knew this, but that suffix should no longer apply when a dimension’s text has been edited… I believe this is an oversight on a recent update, as I updated Rhino 6 this morning and wasn’t encountering this issue before.

Why? A suffix is applied no matter what is in the dim text. I believe ACad behaves as you have described and it would be as I expect.

Hi Nick - V5 did it differently… I don’t know what is expected in the world of drafting, myself, though. I don’t recall that we had any complaints about how V5 handles this but … sieve-brain.


My bad, jumped the gun. " suffix applied to all dims and some additional text modifications added in various locations. (ACad)