Alpha channel Glas material missing


i’m using vray nxt for a few days; ca anybody tell me why the alpha channel behind the glas bottle is missing?

Thanks and regards


open up the advanced properties and change affect Channels to Color+alpha / All channels. That should do it. Or: if you need a material to not contribute to alpha at all, place it in a wrapper and set wrapper alpha to -1

Hey Gijs,

thanks, but can you send me a screenshot, i don’t find these options!

Thanks a lot!


Another Problem…:frowning:

  1. Even if the glass layer is off, the layer’s objects are still visible.
  2. Even when the background is off, no transparent channel is displayed behind the glass.

any ideas?

…ok, i think there is a problem between vray and visual Arq. It seems that the VA blocks don’t accept the material as they should; if you explode the VA blocks it works normal.

Where is the bug?

maybe ask VisualArq developers if this is a known bug?