In Rhino for Windows but it reverts to uncategorised when posting


I have used the forum enough now to know that selecting Rhino for Windows forum, then Create Topic sees topic go to Rhino for Windows. Today its ending up in uncategorised.

This time I carefully watched what happens, and I definitely was in Rhino for Windows.


(Menno Deij - van Rijswijk) #2

I have reassigned this to the category Meta - it has to do with Discourse itself.


What browser are you using, I just tried to reproduce on chrome and was unable to, can you make it happen again consistently?


It did it yesterday, but today it didnt, also copy paste seems fixed.

maybe Firefox have done something from other users feedback, seems ok but until I have need to do any more posts I wont know for sure.

Correction… two posts today, just did a careful one, select the windows forum, click new post and it says uncategorised !!!