Aligning surface coincident to another surface

Hi all,
I need an extended version of the small plane at the bottom of the heel. So, I made another surface (large plane) which I want to translate down and make coincident to the smaller plane.
I’ve tried OrientOnSrf and Orient3Pt but neither were really giving me what I want. I just want to move the plane downward to become coincident with the small plane without moving the plane around in other directions too much or changing its size.
I think OrientOnSrf should do it but I had trouble using the command effectively. It apparently also scales which I want to avoid.
Thank you!

Hello - setting a CPlane >Object to the small plane and then ProjectToCplane ought to do it, or setting a Cplane to each in two separate views and then RemapToCPlane may be better - no distortion.


Thanks so much. Will try projecting the plane in a bit and see how that works. I wanted to avoid that option as the whole reason I am creating the big plane is in order to set my new Universal Cplane origin/axes correctly, but I suppose I can just set the CPlane again and fix the axes later.

Setting different CPlanes in different views will not work with universal CPlanes right?

Hmm - with UPlanes it might get complicated - use NamedCPlanes to save off ones you care about so you can go back, (and in RemapToCPlane, you can choose to use a named cplane rather than need to set it in the viewports)


Just to update, I ended up setting the Cplane to the small plane first. They when I draw the new plane using corner points it automatically aligns onto the correct Cplane. Then I just set the Cplane again using the big plane so I can select the right points for my axes.