Aligning objects to planes


Just started with V8 after moving from a trial w/ V7, and V5 before that, not sure if that is pertinent, but maybe…

I’m making this simple model of a chair, consisting of slabs oriented to the x, y, and z planes. I noticed that at some point my planes were a bit off from the actual axises, and am wondering if there is a straightforward way to re orient them. I’ve messed around a bit with rotate but am getting into the weeds with that approach. Maybe the simplest approach is to start over, but I thought I’d inquire if there are any better ways as this does happen to me from time to time. I know there is some sort of auto Cplane in V8 and perhaps this is how it started…

Thank you,


chair.3dm (3.0 MB)

Hi Revel - if the edges are meant to be ortho to the built in CPlane, you can do this:
Select the object and in the view to adjust, start Rotate. Set the End OSnap and set Project on ther OSnaps. Snap to an end point of one of the edges as the roattion point and the other end as the first reference and then turn on Orth and snap the rotation to the ortho.

Does that do what you need?