Aligning a bounding box to radial planes

My end aim is to create a radial ‘waffle’ structure. Where the part of the solid intersection between radial ‘slices’ and z axis ‘contours’ are removed. This is to give a structure which can be CNC cut and easily assembled/fit together.

Having not picked up GH for 12 years I’m out of date. I’m stuck trying to manage the data tree of a list of brep curves and another tree with radial planes, originally from a prep frame. I’ve tried splitting the trees but can’t get it to work.

I can’t assign the relative planes to the bounding boxes. The global axis applies a bounding box which is not relative to the radial planes.

I’m conscious I might have made my script more convoluted than it needs to be. I recognise there could be alternative ways to solve this.

240430_[Waffle Structure 6].gh (37.8 KB)
240430_[Waffle Structure 6].3dm (144.7 KB)

Here’s a way:
240430_[Waffle Structure 6].gh (44.2 KB)

In my experience it’s best to avoid using the solids unless you are going to mill the 3D results with an actual tapered/beveled edge. If the goal is to cut flat shapes then usually you just feed the machine some 2D cad curves - in this case simply grab the surface borders.

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Amazing thank you. I learnt something about Shift Paths today. I agree, better to create the cutting paths and work from there!

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