Trouble creating a a circular waffle structure

I am trying to create a circular waffle structure first using the intersect command and when I want to create the actual intersection with the box bound it is creating the boxbound in the xy direction and not based on the circular form. I am trying to provide input into the plane portion of command. When I use the intersect it recognizes the curvature. Anyways I cannot do this. Attached are images of what happens I use the intersect command and what happens when I use box bound. I am including definition if anyone wants to give me a hand. The portion I am dealing with will be circled. See image as reference. Thanks, Shihab050920_Intersection_Box Bound_Curved (86.0 KB)

I assume you’d like to cut a slot half way into each piece so they lock together? If this is the case, creating the cutters is a two step process. You need to boolean difference away half of each waffle shape down it’s center line and use the remaining piece to difference away the slot from the piece in the other direction.

The bounding box doesn’t work as you are expecting it to because the command simply works by finding the extents in xyz and is oriented as such.