Align vectors on the plane in each point

Hi everybody
I want to align vectors on the plane in each point, but I cant. I tried to do it with “Flip plane”(Pufferfish plugins), Align Plane (standard component). All attempts failed.
How I can align vectors on the plane? What did I do wrong?
I will be glad of any help

error (24.8 KB)

added new components for understanding
error (30.4 KB)

Why not just use your original perp frames y vec from the deconstructed plane?

20230603_error (33.9 KB)

align plane (20.2 KB)

Because there are problems in X and Y vectors in Perp Frame. they arent align

Sorry could you please elaborate on what you mean by problems?

You can see above XYZ are all oriented consistently

If you mean the first bit of logic you can use the Tangent vector and Point to create a new plane, instead of the P value fed into a perp frame component.

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