Align Planes Component

Can someone explain to me exactly what the Align Planes component does.
It fixed a huge issue for me, I wanted to use Orient component and this sometimes created a mirror image of the geometry. But once I have passed the source plane trough the Align Planes component, pluging the XY plane as source, then it works perfectly 100%. I just don´t get what exactly the magic is.

To briefly know what a component do,
First, you could place your mouse on the component
So “Align Plane” perform minimal rotation to align a plane with a guide vector. (Which is quite clear)
Then, you could play around with the component to understand it better:
Let say we have a plane with x axis upward (generated from 3 random points) O’x’y’ and Origin Plane Oxy

We plug

  1. x axis as guide vector
  2. y axis as guide vector:
  3. vector AB as guide vector:

    Finally in your case, if you plug World XY as a direction, the component will take a vector {0,0,1} as a guide vector.

    Hope it helps.
    align (10.3 KB)
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Not Align Plane. Align Planes.


You have a Master plane in it. It says “Align planes by minimizing their serial rotation.”

What I don’t get is the part “minimizing their serial rotation”

I think it tries to reduce the rotation with respect to the previous plane, in chain, instead of adjusting in plane with the, for example, index 10 using the plane 0 or the master, which is what Align Plane already allows you to do.

Align planes having the same theory but instead using 1 guide vector,they use 2 vectors Ox and Oy (A guide Plane)
Let say you have 3 planes like this:

If using World XY, it will take axis x and y as guiding vectors and result will be:

If you dont input Optional Master plane, it will take the first Plane from P list (in this case plane 2 and 3 will guided by Plane 1)

Or… any plane…


Thank you very much!

I find that ‘Align Plane’ can’t align source plane 100% to the vector,why this happens?