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I find that ‘Align Plane’ can’t align source plane 100% to the vector,why this happens?

“Align Plane” component will rotate your plane around its own Z axis. Z axis will not change, will not move.
If your guide vector is not parallel to the plane, it will not align completely.

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Thanks for your reply .
So While I use z axis as a guided vector , it made me a sense that the plane aligns with z axis as guided vector in my example … With using x axis or y axis as a guided vector, the plane results with making no sense to me… I didn’t understand how align plane worked or gave me the result with x or y axis as guided vector . Does it mean, since the plane only rotates around z axis , it aligns with z axis vector only and it doesnot align x and y axis as guided vector?

I have attached my gh file. Could you kindly see and explain to me :).

align (12.5 KB)

I rephrase that.

World space have X, Y, Z axes.
A grasshopper plane have “its own” internal axes, let’s use the U, V, W names.
2022-08-23 20_29_14-Untitled - Rhino 7 Commerciale - Perspective
Green axis is “U” and red axis is “V”.
We can’t see the W axis, but you can imagine it, it’s the third axis of that plane, normal to that plane. (what I meant with “its own Z axis”).

“Align planes” will rotate each plane around its own W axis
rotating planes
until the U (red) axis forms the smallest possible angle with the guide vector.

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That was a quiet nice demonstration :).

The last part you mentioned rotates until red axis forms the smallest possible angle with guide vector. Do you mean, if there is no angle between red axis and guide vector, then guide vector is parallel to the plane and it aligns perfectly and doesn’t rotate?

And with this demonstration, in this example, it seems like it rotates the same way even if I use anyone of the world x , y or z axis as guide vector :slight_smile: Is it correct?

Replying to your 2 questions:
1- …Yes (?)
2- No. Not sure what you mean.

Can you just post a case when you want to use it? Going full-abstract is not useful…

I wanted to create a simple bridge deck that follows the curve i defined. I have attached the script… I have asked my questions in the script regarding the align plane.

align (14.1 KB)

align (12.8 KB)
Use sweep if you have few sections.
Or use loft, but generate more sections first.