Align objects

Is there any way to align 2 or more objects to center of the world without grouping them first, aligning them, then having to un-group…? Because if you dont group, they all align to orgin… .


Just click “Concentric” on the command line in the Align command and then type 0 and Enter. --Mitch

Hi Mitch,

Thanks for the relpy, That takes all the objects and aligns all of them to " 0 " also, :{

OK, I guess I misunderstood your question… You want to align the center of the bounding box of all your selected objects together to some point like W0? That’s easy - use the Gumball. Select the objects, you will see the gumball appear, click on the point you see that is the gumball center and drag it somewhere - you can snap that point to an object with osnaps, or if you want to go to world 0, just type 0 and Enter while dragging.


Ahhh, thank you good sir! works like a champ.