Align objects in grid

i am trying to align a big set of random curves in a given grid
…one curve centrically aligned to one sub-square

i got an example for you:

1 shows what i got - many curves, all got the same overall position
2 shows what it is that i got, spread - just for understanding
3 shows the grid alignment and far right the wanted result
the lower red rectangle is a quick summary

the part where i struggle is to align curve 1 to grid point 1 for example
bounding boxes and midpoints are no problem

the sequence doesnt matter at all - any curve to any rectangle

i hope you can help me, thanks a lot, stay healty,
blind apple :slight_smile:

something like this? (17.0 KB)

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hej inno!
thank you so much - thats what i was looking for - thanks!

recreated it
had first problems, but it was on my side (something wrong in my curve creation nodes)

thank you so much!
have a nice day :slight_smile:

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