Align Lists Based On Geometry Location

Hi, first time posting on here! Currently have two lists of items. One is a list of grid cells and the other is a list of interpolated curves. I am having troubles getting the list of curves and cells to align so they can be dispatched into separate lists based on their orientation and further manipulated as sets. Please see the two images for the numbering of cells and numbering of corresponding curve geometry.

I should mention, I need the solution to scale/change with the original grid cell count, so manually rearranging the list of curves to match the list of cells is not an option.

Thanks in advance!!

ARCH 700_Grasshopper Origami_CURVE FOLD (33.9 KB)

ARCH 700_Grasshopper Origami_CURVE FOLD (37.2 KB)

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Thanks so much for the reply! Correct me if I am wrong but have you effectively aligned the grid cell numbering with the curve numbering? Could this same logic be applied to rearrange the curves so they align with the cells instead of the cells aligning to the curve structuring? I need to be able to treat the curves whose vertices all point in the same direction in the same manner. Please see attached file for the finished design of a single cell which I would like to be able to manipulate en mass in the grid per the file in my original post.

Thanks Again!!

Curved Fold Parametric - Single Cell Design - Forum (38.9 KB)