Grasshopper Art Sculpture Help

I am trying to design this swirly installation that would hypothetically be hung on the ceiling with a grid. Each point of hanging would be 500mm apart. (See attached picture) The problem is, when I divide the curve in equal 500mm length, the point doesn’t align with the intersection point of the grid. So, I was wondering how to achieve both:

  1. Have the points exactly (or very close to) 500mm apart;
  2. Have the points align exactly with the intersection point of the grid.

Any insight/clue will be very helpful! Thanks very much in advance :slight_smile: (14.0 KB)
Spiral.3dm (3.6 MB)

I would project the curve to the grid plane divde the curve length 500 and compare these points by smallest distance with the intersection points between the grid and projected curve

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